Our Mission Statement


Mission Statement

God’s love and justice becomes visible through our lives in community.


Vision Statement

We are a community where words matter.  Love, peace, and justice are our foundation and our core, and all have a voice here.  We love God.  We believe that to love God is to love our neighbors and to serve God is to serve our neighbors no matter who they are.  In the spirit of tzedakah we believe that caring for the poor is an act of justice commanded by God and is a duty, not just a display of love and charity.  God has called us to feed the hungry, serve all that are in need, and instill compassion in those that we touch.  We welcome the stranger and stand with, protect, and embrace all immigrants and refugees.  We live within the premise that all lives cannot matter until black lives, and all those living on the margins, matter and are respected.  We believe that all love is good.  Our hope for a better future here, where God’s Kingdom is lived out on earth, is carried out through actions of social justice by our community.  God continues to work through us, and the Holy Spirit in us, united in God’s love, a just world for all.  Our faith calls us to envision and work towards a just and sustainable future for all of God’s creation.  We are First Congregational Church of Chicopee.


Location 306 Chicopee St. Phone 413-592-0396 Hours Sunday Service 10:00 am Watch us online via Facebook
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